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We have herbal cleanse kits for the three major elimination systems.  We have multiple herbal formulas for various purposes that feed the body and give it the nutritional tools that it needs to perform optimally.  We have essential oils and diffusers to support your wellness goals.  We also have Thermal Cookers (cordless crockpots) that make healthy eating a lot easier.




Click here for our Cleanse Kits pdf file.


Click here for our Crystal Star Products pdf file.


Click here for our Essential Oil Diffusers pdf file.


Click here for our list of Essential Oils.  

If there are any you do not see on the list, just ask us, we can probably get it.


See a video on the Thermal Cookers here.


Click here for our Thermal Cookers pdf file.


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Colon Cleanse Program

Liver/Gallbladder Cleanse

Kidney/Bladder Cleanse


Immune Support

Green Drink

Thyroid Support

Heart Tonic